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Together with their families

Brock & Riley

Joyfully invite you to their wedding celebration
Sep 18, 2020
We'd love to have you join us to celebrate! Please provide us your email address so we can send you an invitation with the details!
Our Story

Brock and Riley met on June 1st, 2018 at the gayest of pride pool parties. The attraction was real and those boys were doomed in the best way. Their first date was the next night where Riley gave Brock the worlds best massage and educated him about the difference between a masseuse and a massage therapist. There is one BIG difference. The conversation was exciting, and sparks were flying. Their first kisses were had that night and Brock was on BOARD. Brock didn’t need any convincing when it came to meeting Riley’s best friend Jenna, and their two year old girl, Ebony. It happened sooner then planned, But it was incredible. Brock met Jenna and Ebony at the drive in movie theatre within the first week. Somehow they knew that it was right and that Brock would fit right in. He did. Riley stepped in as a father figure to Bear, the pug, and Brockie was ready to step in as an additional dad to Ebony, who she calls “fun dad”. 

Riley and Brock took a road trip to St. George together 3 months into the relationship. They saw shows at Tuacahn and hiked the red rocks of snow canyon. The hiked Kanarraville Falls and they survived their first trip together! Not only did they survive.. but it was proof that Travel Riley is the BEST Riley. It was magical and just what they needed to take their relationship to the next step. 

Jenna was supportive and loving from day one. They all created a new bond through through Ebony and it grew into one of the deepest friendships. They figure that 3 parents are better than 1! The family traveled to Disneyland about 5 months into Brock and Riley’s relationship. This trip was significant because it sealed the deal for Jenna when it came to Brock and Riley being together. It also showed her that Ebony could thrive with this type of family and a possible new dad.  Jenna could trust Brock with her beautiful daughter. 

Riley finally saw Brock perform on stage for the first time in “Ghost the Musical”. He was the Patrick Swayze singing “Unchained Melody”. Brock will never forget the way that Riley looked at him as he performed. Riley still looks at Brock on stage the same way to this day. He supports Brock with this passion and insane schedule of shows and Rehersals. He’s read lines to help Brock memorize for West Side Story and Footloose. He has prayed all the prayers when watching him perform as an aerialist in Seussical. And he supported him through the intense audition process of Tarzan. 

Travel Riley was back when they traveled to Thailand 6 months into their relationship. They survived all the Chinese layovers, flew lanterns, bathed with Elephants, and swam in the Phi phi islands. It was there that Brock and Riley knew. They knew that this love was life long. They never wanted to leave each other. Beginning and ending each day together was how they wanted it to go forever. 

At 14 months, Riley and Brock traveled to Peru. They traveled to Lima, Huacachina, and Cusco. They rode sand buggies, kissed llamas, and leaned on Riley’s Spanish skills to get around. On August 21, 2019 at Macchu Pichu, Brock got down on one knee and asked Riley to marry him. Riley said “hell yes!”

Brock and Riley bought a house together that October in Taylorsville. They planted their first garden, hosted Tom of Finland and Golden birthdays, and have plenty of Princess time with Ebony. They celebrated 2 years of love and commitment this June by getting their favorite treat with ebby, snowcones at the Hokulia. This life is so good. And dreams are truly coming true. All because Brock and Riley fell in love. All because two guys went to the gayest pride pool party ever. 

Would you like to celebrate with us?

We're doing something different...

We have decided to take the next steps in growing our forever family. Instead of wedding gifts, we are accepting donations towards making our dreams of having a second child a reality.


Thank you so much for your love and support. Always.


You can gift funds via Venmo to @BrockandRiley

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